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As the sport slowly grows in popularity, surfers start using canning wax on their boards to help give them traction on the slippery wooden decks.


John Dahl starts surfing Windansea on a 6’4 Egg co-designed and shaped by Mike Diffenderfer & Bobby Patterson. A pound of paraffin wax sells for 25 cents at what few surf shops there are.


"Gidget" hits the silver screen, followed by a boom in surfing. The idea of a surf wax company is born. It's also the beginning of the end of the paraffin wax era.


The first commercial surf wax comes out. It’s fittingly called “Surf Wax.”


Nat Young rides "Magic Sam" at the World Titles in San Diego and the first shot of the Shortboard Revolution is fired across the bow. Soon the demands on surf wax would change as radically as the types of boards people were riding.


John Dahl joins the Wax Mate crew. Wax Mate surf wax is released to great success. As surfers are putting their boards in more critical places on the wave, the demand for a high-performance wax emerges.


Wintering in Utah, John Dahl recognizes the need for a performance-oriented ski wax. He quickly formulates his first ski wax and creates U.S. Ski Wax Co.


John Dahl founds Wax Research, Inc. and Sticky Bumps surf wax is born.


A breakthrough in wax science comes when a Vaseline-like softener is used to give the wax more adhesion to the board and improved traction for the rider.


As the neon ‘80s rage, Wax Research hits the market with Day-Glo bars of wax. It’s the first colored wax and is a huge success.


John's wife Cris joins Wax Research, Inc., bringing vision and growth.


As the New School generation shatters performance barriers, thanks in large part to a new wax additive discovered by John Dahl, Wax Research revamps Sticky Bumps with its first traction-added wax.


Sticky Bumps expands its product line to include grips, board bags and leashes.


At the start of the 21st century, progressive surfing continues to put higher demands on traction. Sticky Bumps introduces Tour Series waxes, an ultra sticky wax with a great bump-building formula that lasts extra long.


Sticky Bumps streamlines their manufacturing process with custom designs and built machinery. The goal is to be more environmentally efficient.


Wax Research, Inc. launches WEND, Sticky Bumps' sibling line of high-performance snow waxes.


Meadowfoam seed oil, a non-GMO, sustainable plant source, is introduced into both Sticky Bumps and WEND formulas. Wax Research, Inc. is granted exclusivity of the use of this seed in waxes.


Surfers take to the sky and John Dahl helps them stick their landings when he formulates Punt wax, the first wax specifically for aerial surfing.


Sticky Bumps introduces Munkey Wax, a high-performance wax that is 5X stickier than the original Sticky Bumps formula.