Adaptive Surfing Championship

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    On Saturday morning the Oceanside Pier provided a stunning setting for a surfing event that was as extraordinary as the contestants. The morning was crisp and clear, and you could feel the passion pouring out of the athletes who were signed up for the first annual Adaptive Surfing Championship.

   Adaptive surfing includes two major standard methods, prone and waveski offering every contestant with a disability the ability to surf. In addition to the adaptive prone and waveski, this competition also offered adaptive assist, tandem and adaptive sup methods to provide every individual the opportunity to experience the swells the Oceanside Pier had to offer. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the competition also offered a blind and deaf category.

The Stoke for Life Foundation strives to illustrate the rehabilitative benefits of adaptive water sports and offers many services year-round to provide athletes with events to educate and assist them in any way possible.

Stoke for Life was founded by Charles Webb, a T 7-8 incomplete paraplegic who was the first paraplegic to compete in an open water paddle race. Charles, as well as the other competitors of this event, were not only extremely welcoming and motivating but also highly skilled at surfing. Each contestant had a different story to tell, but they all share the incredible ability to persevere challenges to reach a goal.

At Sticky Bumps, we are honored to be able to attend such an incredible event. The motivation and passion of the athletes is contagious and we can’t get enough!

If you are interested in more information about Stoke for Life please visit the link below.