Supergirl Pro Finals

Congrats to Sticky Team rider Tatiana Weston-Webb on making the finals at Supergirl Pro...

Supergirl Pro 2014

The largest women’s surf contest in the world returns to Oceanside, CA this weekend, August 8-10th.

Summer Surf Contest Calendar

Summertime means a lot of lazy beach days and BBQ's in the backyard... and tons of contests featuring professional surfers at some of the best breaks

Bethany Hamilton on The Amazing Race

Don't miss Bethany Hamilton on the next season of CBS's The Amazing Race. This race marks the 25th edition of the season...

Dylan Goodale Snags Surfer Mag’s July Cover

Check out Sticky Bump's very own Dylan Goodale on the cover of July's Surfer Mag!

Beers Before Pedra

Andy Chiz made the call. We were all so unsure, but hit it anyway thinking even if we don’t surf it’ll be good fun trip anyway. We all left for the...

On the road… again

Ten out of 12 months of the year I am on the road. There are friends I see at the contests I travel to, but it’s all a competition, so most of the ...

From Spectator to Participant

The first time I can remember laying my eyes on the Wedge, as a wee young lad, was in the summer of 1995. That evening I had just finished grabbing...

Alessa Quizon’s Debut on the WCT

Alessa Quizon getting ready for her first debut as a WCT Rider.

Meet Spencer Pirdy

Sticky Bumps is proud to welcome to our team Spencer Pirdy, a local from Newport. Spencer is known for charging The Wedge and also enjoys XXL waves.

Sneak Peak of Bethany Hamilton Traction

Sneak Peak of our new 2014 Bethany Hamilton Signature Traction...

Marco Giorgi in Indo Video

A short vid by team rider Marco Giorgi. Marco says , “Last year was one of the best seasons I can remember. As I finished the season, I had this...