The Original Surf Wax Scented Candles

Folks love our wax for it's performance... and for it's smell! We know this, and make our candles to smell just like our waxes. You're welcome!

Adaptive Action Sports x Sticky Bumps

Evan Strong Joins Sticky Bumps Team and Adaptive Action Sports leaders visit factory.

Ladies and Gents, Big Wave Surfer Aaron Gold

Aaron Gold is a big wave surfer new to the Sticky Team! He holds the record for largest wave ever paddled in to, a 63 foot Jaws beauty.

Top Big Wave Surfers Choose Sticky Bumps

Two of the world's best big wave surfers, Jamie Mitchell and Coco Nogales, are on board with Sticky Bumps.

Niccolo Porcella Joins the Team!

For years, Niccolo Porcella has used Sticky Bumps as his go-to surf wax, trusting us to keep him stuck during his surf sessions.

Cobian + Bethany Hamilton’s Great Escape!


Another Semi-Final Appearance for Tati

Tatiana Weston-Webb again makes her way to the semifinals at the Margie's Pro.

CT Pro Alex Ribeiro Joins #StickyTeam

Alex Ribiero Joins the Sticky Bumps Family and is working on Signature Traction Pad!

Uncle Matt’s Outta Wax on Hawaii

Ho, my Hawaiian head ache you need something but no can find it. But my shorter hair feels good thanks to Rachel cutting it last night.

Bells Beach Wrap-Up

Both Alessa Quizon and Tatiana Weston-Webb had outstanding performances at Bells Beach.

Hawaii Groms Take Over

Meet the youngest and newest members of our Sticky Bumps Grom Squad!

Tati’s Year to Remember

Bodyglove launches their #GoTati campaign, anticipating the start of the 2016 WSL World Champion Tour where Tatiana Weston-Webb is rookie no longer.