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Bob’s Back

Our 90's label is making a comeback.

Get Tati’s Candle

Vegan, GMO-free soy candle, hand poured in USA.
7oz, 40 hours of burn time.
Reusable glass vessel

Tia Blanco Candle – Paradise Found

Sticky Bumps releases new Tia Blanco Signature Candle - Paradise Found.

How to Clean Wax from Candle Jar

Learn how to clean out your candle jar to re-use for just about anything!

Bethany Hamilton SIGNATURE Candles

Working closely with Bethany, we have developed three signature candle scents that will transport you to paradise.

Hawaiian Formula – Packaging Update Featuring Zeke Lau

With Zeke's Championship Tour debut and new contract signed with Sticky Bumps we've updated the packaging accordingly...

From the Crypt … range drop

Inspired by our original wax labels from the 90’s we’ve released limited runs of Tee designs that are straight From the Crypt …

Leashes Made In USA!

Most SB leashes are now made in the United States! California to be exact!

The Original Surf Wax Scented Candles

Folks love our wax for it's performance... and for it's smell! We know this, and make our candles to smell just like our waxes. You're welcome!

Bethany Hamilton’s Signature Traction Pad

My signature Sticky Bumps Traction Pad keeps me riding strong; its simple and grippy!

Alessa Quizon’s Debut on the WCT

Alessa Quizon getting ready for her first debut as a WCT Rider.

Sneak Peak of Bethany Hamilton Traction

Sneak Peak of our new 2014 Bethany Hamilton Signature Traction...