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Our Founder John Dahl Turns 75!

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The mastermind behind everything Wax Research and Sticky Bumps, John Dahl, has surfed, skied, biked and pioneered through three quarters of a century.  At 75 his accomplishments include revolutionizing every component of all modern-day surf and ski wax formulas, most importantly, incorporating the breakthrough surf wax traction additive, calcium carbonate.

John’s humble presence and genuine caring for his family, friends and employees sets him apart from being just a “boss” and business owner.  His determination and lifelong commitment to the love of his sport has provided his Wax Research family with lifestyle careers that some people only dream of.  He is a true innovator and continues to expand his legacy with acute focus.  His primary goal being to improve Wax Research’s products to push the limits of action sports.

Let’s take it back for a brief recap on the last 75 years:

It’s 1971, and John Dahl is creating surf wax formulas out of a 200 square foot shop in Encinitas as surfing is taking over Southern California. Over the next 45 years (and continuing through today) the “Wax Man” has created waxes for numerous surf, snow and skate companies as well as supplied his own waxes to the legends of surf. Andy and Bruce Irons, Carissa Moore, Coco Nogales, Sunny Garcia, Keala Kennelly, Jamie Mitchell, Shane Dorian, Bethany Hamilton, Tatiana Weston-Webb… have all trusted Wax Research’s White Coconut and now Sticky Bumps Original Blueberry to keep them stuck and stoked.  Today Wax Research continues to revolutionize surf wax and accessories, embodying the original spirit of surf. We are local, we are handmade, we are surfers, we are surf history.


If you haven’t already, check out the video below, and also the Legacy section of our website.

We are surf history.

Pop's Stash Embodies The Very First Scented Surf Wax

As a gift, in honor of John’s Big 75, we’re releasing “Pop’s Stash”. This Bayberry fragrance candle pays homage to the first scented surf wax, Waxmate, introduced to the market in 1966 by Surf Research.

Pop’s Stash has a piney, woodsy, and spiced scent throw

This is reminiscent of the explosion of surfing in the 1960’s, getting barreled, and above all getting stoked

Take a sneak peak into Pop’s Stash


Since 1971

The Dahl’s 1950 Chevrolet Sedan that still cruises to the beach for surf checks and sunsets