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Ladies and Gents, Big Wave Surfer Aaron Gold

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Aaron Gold is a big wave surfer from Hilo, Hawaii. He now lives on the North Shore with his wife and two daughters.  He grew up surfing with his father and uncles, learning from a young age what it is to be a waterman and surfing Waimea for the first time at age 12. Arguably one of the best big wave surfers in the water, Aaron has goals of winning The Eddie and joining the Big Wave World Tour. We are stoked to have him on our Sticky Bumps Team and to help support him and his dreams in the small ways we can!

Aaron recently (January 2016) paddled into the biggest wave on record, receiving a WSL Big Wave Paddle Award for the feat. The 63 foot wave was his first wave of that session at Jaws. Below is a photo of Aaron on THE wave at Pea’hi, Photo: Aeder.

aaron gold biggest wave peahi 2016