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Hawaiian Formula – Packaging Update Featuring Zeke Lau

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Our Hawaiian Formula Tropical Wax is a special blend made specifically for the warmer water conditions of one of the best surf destinations in the world!

Team Rider and Hawaiian Powerhouse Zeke Lau has been the main feature on this packaging, carving it up for sometime now.

With Zeke’s Championship Tour debut and new contract signed with Sticky Bumps we’ve updated the packaging accordingly…


Zeke sent us over a new feature photo of him pulling a huuuuge air sending it into the night sky!

This photo was captured by one of our favorite surf photographers Zak Noyle

Zeke Lau

Sticky Bumps Original Hawaiian Formula is specially formulated for extra hot waters and is perfect for waters 80°F/26°C and above

Head to our wax selection to find our Hawaiian Formula and Hawaii Surf Trip packs to get ready for those tropical conditions