Uncle Matt’s Outta Wax on Hawaii

Hilo, Hawaii

Athlete(s): Uncle Matt / Photos: Rodrigo Ungaro

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Dear Sticky Bumps Wax

It’s a nice Hawaiian morning and the waves are pumping on the East Side of the island of Hawaii.  So, I going surf before work just catch a couple of waves and start my day off right.

But, I wen give my last SB bar away to one grom last week.  Now I stay hunting for one Surf Shop in Hilo Town only get tree core shops and its early and da shops stay closed, no open till 10am or stay closed on Mondays.

Ho, my Hawaiian head ache you need something but no can find it. But my shorter hair feels good thanks to Rachel cutting it last night.


I can try the Keaukaha General Store they garrins going have wax. Plus get Spam musubi!

Lucky for me they stay open, so I check the self get tree bars Sex Wax for $3.99+tax per. What the!  All I want to do is catch a couple waves before work and try out my new Volcom rashgaurd I wen get at Macy’s off the “last chance rack.” Gottem for 78% off the retail price that’s $7.98+tax.  F#*@ retail prices.  

I stay one loyal Sticky Bumps user fo life Bra! No can use anyting else cuz! I stay Core boy!

So, what now, good ting I get one SB Wax Comb.

-Uncle Matt

Sorry Uncle Matt! We’ll get some wax sent out to you, pronto!