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Wrightsville Beach

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We know that surfing brings joy into the lives of many, and it is with pride and love that we make each bar of wax because we know that wax is helping you do what you love. It gives us joy to do what we can for organizations that help others with surfing. For some kids with Autism, surfing opens up a whole new world and Surfer’s Healing is dedicated to helping these kids experience that. Below is a quote from our friend John Pike at Surfer’s Healing. Makes it all worth while.

It started simply. The colored wax had just hit the market, and at Surfer’s Healing we are always looking for activities for the kids to do while they are waiting to surf. Alyssa at Sticky Bumps gave me a case of the Day Glo and we set up a big board to let all the kids draw on. The art of waxing a board, especially with the colored wax, was so different and foreign to our kids, but amazingly sensory friendly and unique. It became a big hit. Since Sticky Bumps jumped on board as a full on sponsor, they have helped us create awareness about this unique and amazing organization.

I thank you, Sticky Bumps,┬ápersonally from my family and my son Gianni. He is on the spectrum and totally rips now. The whole surfer’s Healing team thanks Sticky Bumps as well! -John Pike, Eastern Skate Supply and Surfer’s Healing

No, thank you John! For all that you do for these kids and for letting us be a part of it!


To learn more and possibly volunteer at an event near you, visit