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Spencer Pirdy


Name: Spencer Pirdy
DOB: 2/21/87
Hometown: Newport Beach, CA
Other Sponsors: Billabong, Banzai Bowls and Surfside Sports
Favorite Surf Spot: Blacks Beach
Favorite Surfer: Greg Long
Favorite Meal: A tasty fish burrito
Favorite Maneuver: Getting barreled or making a big drop
Travels: Mexico, Fiji, Hawaii
Goals: Continue to stay physically and mentally tuned so that I can chase big waves while enjoying the people, cultures and experiences along the way.

Spencer Pirdy

Newport, CA
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“I was a longboarder at Blackies. I hung five with the best of them,” says Spencer Pridy. “Then I don’t know what happened.”

What happened is that Spencer made the leap from curling his toes around the tip of his preferred 10’0” to mastering the Wedge and a tempting fate at Maverick’s. A native of Newport Beach, California, stylistically he draws from the school of Al Knost and the Blackies hipster scene. But when it comes to surf kicks, he’s apt to be the first one in the water at the Wedge when it’s pumping. Beating the blackball during the south swell-rich summer, he’s in the water before the sun comes and by 9:00am is usually shoveling sand out of his ears. “It’s a challenge,” he smirks.

As if a constantly morphing, 10-foot freak of wave breaking in two feet of water isn’t enough of a challenge, lately Spencer’s been migrating north, putting his best foot forward at Maverick’s. Cold, unforgiving and powerful, it makes the surfing the Wedge seems as easy as a high-speed game of bumper cars. “You have to be willing to get beat down,” he affirms.

When he’s not hurling himself over the ledge you may find a more thoughtful side of Spencer behind a desk, slanging copy for Bliss Magazine, a local surf/art publication. But to be sure, deadlines be damned when the south swell starts tickling the outer buoys.