Science & Technology

As a leader in the global wax market, Wax Research, Inc. unwinds traditional logic as witnessed in the performance of their trailblazing formulas. They were founded in Encinitas 1971 and recognized by the international sport community as one of the original surf accessory companies. This family of like-minded people is dedicated to that vital spark of individualism and adventure.

Every handcrafted bar of high quality surf and ski wax is poured and processed in their 15,000 square foot California factory.

Snag & Grab

The term refers to how surf wax sticks to the board and begins to build up small, sticky bumps as you’re waxing it. Rather than smearing all over one’s board, a new additive in Sticky Bumps in 1992 changed the game completely.


A key ingredient in surf wax, made from decomposed seashells.


All of our waxes are blended using steam heat, which helps minimize environmental impact in the production cycle.

No Waste

There is no waste in the wax making process — everything is reused and recycled.


As much as we’d like to say it’s all about performance, there’s something about the original blueberry scent of Sticky Bumps that makes it instantly recognizable and extremely well-loved. A few customers have even asked us to formulate a Sticky Bumps perfume.

Fungus Amungus

Used Sticky Bumps biodegrades through a process in which bacteria and fungi emulsify it back into the environment.


Original Sticky Bumps and Tour Series waxes are formulated to endure the daily rigors of hardcore surfing.


Every bar of Sticky Bumps is lovingly hand-wrapped at our headquarters in California.

All surf wax starts with a paraffin base before we add our special ingredients.
Paraffin then goes into the melting pot, where we add our secret sauce to make the Sticky Bumps wax formula.
After stirring the melting pots, the wax is ready to be molded...
Out it goes... dispensed onto a rack and then made into the classic Sticky Bumps bar.
Then the dry racks are put into our freezer to harden up.
Wrap it up! Once the bars are solid and quality tested, our talented team wraps and packs them with love.
Then they are delivered straight to your door or your local surf shop. Time to surf!

4 million

We annually produce over four million bars of wax. Just think how many waves we’ve ridden with you over the last 45 years.

For the Core

All of our Sticky Bumps products are tested, designed and made for surfers, by surfers, period.