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Bethany Hamilton’s Signature Traction Pad

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My signature Sticky Bumps Traction Pad keeps me riding strong; its simple and grippy!

I don’t surf with out a grip. They are much more reliable than wax (though Sticky bumps wax is great)! Sticky Bumps asked me to design a traction pad and I was amped to do it! When I surf, I like my traction pad simple and grippy. My grip has not much of an arch (5mm) but really great rough texture. When it came to the color design, I went back to my roots. Growing up in Hawaii while surfing, free diving and shell picking I would always see turtles aka Honus out in the water. They are so cute and interesting. So I decided to incorporate the image of a turtle, or in Hawaiian a “honu,” into the traction pad. The designers and I came up with some fun color combos – some more for the guys and some more girly.

Check out my Traction Pad and get yourself one if you need a better grip when surfing!

-Bethany Hamilton