Sticky Bumps Sport Wax

Sticky Bumps, the best Sports Wax Manufacturer!

Sticky Bumps Sandals?!

Wait, did you say a Sticky Bumps SANDAL?!

Bob’s Back

Our 90's label is making a comeback.

Mexican Nationals 2017 – Shelby Detmers

People always seem to have this thing about Mexico being "unsafe" and that it is dangerous, but for me I've always felt at home down there...

Get Tati’s Candle

Vegan, GMO-free soy candle, hand poured in USA.
7oz, 40 hours of burn time.
Reusable glass vessel

Sticky Bumps Candles

Sticky Bumps has evolved into a wax powerhouse producing not only surf wax but also snow/board/ski, bike chain waxes and candles.

Adaptive Surfing Championship

The first annual Adaptive Surfing Championship was held on October 21-22 at the Oceanside Pier in California. We were honored to attend this event!

Tia Blanco Candle – Paradise Found

Sticky Bumps releases new Tia Blanco Signature Candle - Paradise Found.

Exclusive Chat with Gerry Lopez

Part of the Sticky Bumps family for too many years to count, we caught up with Gerry and searched for the heavy answers we’ve been looking for...

How to Clean Wax from Candle Jar

Learn how to clean out your candle jar to re-use for just about anything!

Bethany Hamilton SIGNATURE Candles

Working closely with Bethany, we have developed three signature candle scents that will transport you to paradise.


The Eastern Surfing Association’s (ESA) All-Star Team just returned from the North Shore of Oahu surfing world-class waves...