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1992, a damp and dark garage in Encinitas, CA. From the vat, a man emerges, dripping with wax. It’s the wax man, Zombie Bob. He’s ready to grab his board and charge some surf, getting pitted on every wave. He’s the gnarliest surfer you’ve every laid eyes on.

That’s the character that famous action sports industry artist Scrojo created to grace the labels of our latest and greatest wax formula, Sticky Bumps.

Swimming Bob
It was revolutionary, the first wax with traction enhancing additives, to fit the needs of short boarders taking over the lineup in the early 90’s.

The trailblazing formula (and Zombie Bob’s edgy look on the label) made Sticky Bumps a household name and the most preferred wax in the world.

dated evo of sb smaller

Now, almost 20 years since Bob was replaced by a more simple, colorful look on the label, he’s back.

We missed Bob, and wanted to bring him back to remind everyone where it all started, with a wax man and a dream of better traction on your board as you’re pumping down the line.



About Scrojo – Craig Hasket

A native of San Diego, California, Craig, or Scrojo as he became known, got his start doing chalkboard menu art for the popular Pannikin coffeehouse. His popularity grew and he began designing art for 25-30 San Diego cafes. Noticed by Belly Up music consultant Chris Goldsmith, he was hired to design posters for concerts, and eventually became their resident artist at age 19, and he still is today. Surf and skate industry companies noticed and loved his work, and Scrojo began designing T-shirts, skate decks, ads, logos and more for dozens of action sports companies in Southern California. One of his most notable early pieces was the freehand pen drawing on scrap paper of “Zombie Bob” for Sticky Bumps’ original wax label. He was commissioned by corporate brands such as Nike, Disney, Harley-Davidson and others. He has also designed concert posters for the most amazing lineup of musicians, including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Foo Fighters, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and so many more.

We are honored to be a part of Scrojo’s portfolio, and have him as a part of our history and surf history.


Zombie Bob Feb 2018 Slider RGB