Mexican Nationals 2017 – Shelby Detmers

Pascuales, Mexico/November 15-19, 2017

Athlete(s): Shelby Detmers / Photos: Brett Detmers

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People always seem to have this thing about Mexico being “unsafe” and that it is dangerous, but for me I’ve always felt at home down there. I grew up giong down every summer because we had a home just south of Rosarito in a neighborhood called Las Gaviotas, which is actually where i learned how to surf. I always had so much fun adventuring with all my friends down there playing around on the beach while our parents were out surfing or catching crabs up on the rocks.

This past November I was able make my first Mexican Nationals contest that was being held at Pascuales representing the Baja California Sur region. I’ve heard many stories from just about every surfer of how heavy of a wave it is. I looked at videos and everything else before my trip down there to get me mentally ready for the heaviness of the wave.To be honest I was more concerned about getting beat up paddling out and getting caught on the inside then the actual paddling in to the waves.

IMG_9165 2 Overlook of Pascuales
IMG_9170 2 Shelby with fellow competitor for Baja California Norte, Fernanda Aldaco

So the first day of the contest had finally came. Luckily it wasn’t as big as it was the first afternoon I had came in on, but it was still a solid 6-8 feet and clean. It was definitely some of the best surf contest conditions I’ve ever surfed. As the days went on the swell did drop a little bit (4-6ft) but the clean conditions stayed with us.

IMG_9278 2 Shelby freesurfing
IMG_9197 2 Pascuales sunset

Overall my first Mexican Nationals was  beyond amazing. I got to meet people from all the other states in Mexico and became pretty good friends with them as well. The atmosphere of Nationals week was just so surreal on how everyone was so welcoming from the get go and the camaraderie of the event was just so surprising. Everyone was cheering for everyone no matter what state you represented and there would be bonfires almost every night and barbecues on the beach with fresh caught fish. The whole experience was just so unbelievable and I can’t wait to be able to go back again for this years Mexican Nationals.