Tatiana Weston-Webb Lands in Fiji

Fiji Women's Pro, Fiji

Athlete(s): Tatiana Weston-Webb / Photos: Stephen Robertson (WSL)/Tatiana Weston-Webb

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I arrived in Fiji… Last night, but I’m going to Tavarua right now.
I’m traveling with… my father.. and… 7 Tim Carroll surfboards.
The trip from the airport to the island was… easy because we stayed a night on the mainland so we wouldn’t have the worry of taking the boat taxi to the island at night.
On the way in I noticed… how beautiful and fun the people of Fiji are.
Tatiana Weston-WebbThe first thing I did was… unpack my boards, set them up and surf.
I was on land… approximately an hour and a half before getting in the water.
Training today consisted of… stretching, surfing, getting used to my boards and probably get a massage.
I got really excited when… I saw the podium at Cloudbreak on the boat.
I wish that… it’s 6-to-8 feet and glassy everyday for the comp!
One thing I miss already is… my mother and my bed.
The funniest thing I saw was… the boat driver making jokes that I didn’t understand but laughed about anyways.
Last night before I went to bed I made sure to… remember to charge my GoPro… but I forgot.
Tomorrow, I’m going to… get barreled and relax 😉

Interview from WSL, Click here for original interview.

Weston-Webb is slated to compete in Round 1, Heat 2 of the Fiji Women’s Pro. Catch her and the rest of the world’s best LIVE here daily starting May 31 local time.