Tia Blanco Candle | Paradise Found, Sea Salt+Orchid 8oz

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SB Tia Blanco Paradise Found Candle - 'Sea Salt+Orchid' 8oz Recycled Glass

Tia Blanco considers the ocean home, and when designing her candle, she wanted the scent to bring her to the water’s edge. The salty ocean breeze, the light scent of blooming flowers, the sun on your face, the waves crashing in the distance, the sand between your toes. Tia’s signature candle takes you there.
Light the candle, close your eyes, breathe in. Paradise Found.

  • Vegan, All Natural, GMO-free candle, handpoured in USA.
  • Recycled Glass.
  • 8 ounces - 48 hours of burn time.