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Tia Blanco Candle – Paradise Found

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Tia Blanco considers the ocean home, and when designing her candle, she wanted the scent to bring her to the water’s edge. The salty ocean breeze, the light scent of blooming flowers, the sun on your face, the waves crashing in the distance, the sand between your toes. This was our goal when we set out to create Tia’s signature candle. We think we nailed it.

The candle is ready to launch, and Tia stopped in to the factory to give the final approval and introduce the candle to Transworld Business.

Sticky Bumps factory lounge.

Candles lined up and ready for you!

Tia showing off her candle to TW Biz.

Important to Tia was that the candle wax is Vegan, meaning it contains no beeswax. All of our surf waxes and candles are Vegan and all natural, and our candles are made of GMO-free, grown in US soy wax. We also knew that sustainability and environmental awareness is important to Tia, so the vessel is made of recycled glass, and the glass can be recycled or reused after it’s life as a candle vessel.

Photo Sep 27, 12 54 08 PM

Photo Caption: Tia Blanco Signature Candle - Paradise Found

All of our candles her at Sticky Bumps are hand poured in our CA factory. Try this one out, we know you’ll love it. Tia does!

Light the candle, close your eyes, breathe in. Paradise Found.

Photo Sep 27, 12 50 26 PM
Photo Sep 27, 12 54 24 PM