Special Blend 6-Pack | Soft Top Warm~Trop

Our Sticky Meter shows that our Special Blend Soft Top surf wax formulas have a 2 X grip  rating. Our Soft Top wax is another Sticky Bumps first. It is specially formulated for foam decks that cause more friction when wax is applied. This friction and extra heat creates the dreaded soft top smear. Our Soft Top formula does not smear, is slightly sticker, applies easy, and creates reliable traction on your body board or foam decked surfboard. All with a heavenly coconut scent and white color.  The temperature range for our warm/tropical Special Blend Soft Top wax is 69º F / 20º C and above.
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Sticky Bumps Original Soft Top Warm~Trop Wax

Formulated specifically for foam decks which create more friction when using / applying surf wax – this new Sticky Bumps formula has higher thermal resistance during application preventing the dreaded soft top smear without the use of Basecoat. WAX ON!

Product Details

  • Coconut Scent
  • Non-Toxic / Biodegradable / All-Natural
  • Temperature Rating | Above 69°F/20°C
  • Higher thermal resistance for foam decks.
  • For Best Performance –  Use directly on soft top alone.


  • Weight (g):85
Our Sticky Meter helps you find the wax with your perfect level of sticky. All of our wax lines are organized on the Sticky Meter  in ascending order from least sticky to stickiest, starting with with our Original Formulas with a grip rating of 1 X, followed by our Soft Top waxes with a grip rating of 2 X, then our Tour Series at 3 X, then Super Sticky 5 X, and finally Punt with our stickiest grip rating of 10 X.