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Our founder, John Dahl, has been creating and perfecting wax since the late 60’s. Since then, Wax Research has evolved into a powerhouse of wax production services.  Our products now include surf, snowboard/ski, bike chain waxes,  as well as candles and various accessories for sporting enthusiasts.

We rely on our senses to allow us to experience the best of life. For us here at Sticky Bumps, that includes the sound of waxing our board for the first time, the smell of the original blueberry wax combined with the sight of each set rolling in and the subtle taste of salt water…’s what we crave.  This experience is our inspiration to bring the beach to your home.

In 2006 we created the original surf wax scented candles, now available in seven fragrances that each create an aroma filled with memories and sentiment. As always, being environmentally friendly is an important part of Wax Research so all of our candles are a 100% soy blend, hand poured in eco-friendly vessels, vegan, and GMO-free.

As the popularity of Sticky Bumps candles grew, we evolved and partnered with some of our professional surfers to create a Signature Series Candle line. Each scent is unique to the athlete, featuring a specific essence that will transport you to the beaches of their favorite hometown surf spots.

We invite you to share the gift of nostalgia this holiday season for your friends, family and for yourself!


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